Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to RUNNING!

Yesterday was like a holiday for me. It's was the first day back to running in 15 weeks. Do you know how long that is? It was like an eternity. I have been counting down the days for weeks. Going back to swimming and biking was exciting, but going back to running is like hmmm.....

i dunno if this is the right choice of words... but ORGASMIC

Yes-pathetic I know. I was really that excited.

Anyway I headed over to UPMC Sports Med for my last physical therapy appointment with my awesome PT named Keelan. Although I probably should know what to do being a future PT myself, it was nice to get objective guidance along my journey. Keelan specializes in the hip and pelvis and I definitely was pleased with the results.

We headed outside of the gym and I ran a couple strides up and down the parking lot just to see how it felt. And it felt AWESOME! I felt a little and bouncy at first but quickly returned to my old form. After the strides I ran a couple laps around the parking lot. I ran a grand total of 5 minutes. Probably sounds silly but those 5 minutes were like heaven to me. My PT said it looked good! YAY!

For now I'm only allowed to run about a mile on soft surfaces (which is pretty lame). As much I want to go hard and crazy, I know I'm a point where I still need to be patient. It's so frustrating given all I want to do is run. I'm going to try to adhere to the 10% rule in regards to mileage increases and go from there. Hopefully my pelvis will continue to be asymptomatic. My next x-rays are in 2 weeks so this will be a good trial run to see how it affects the plate across my pubic symphysis. I just PRAY it doesn't break.

In other news, I started my full time summer clinical in an outpatient PT setting. So far it's been a long and quite strenuous week. I have crazy hours with 2-12 hr days, 1-8 hr day, and 2-4hr days. Who does that? It's hard getting a routine down with this weird schedule. I guess it will come with time. I'm ready for the weekend already. Hopefully it will include lots of running, biking, and swimming :)


  1. SOOOO freakin excited for you!! That is just amazing. Can't wait to see it in person. Glad you're almost back! 10%.. it..10%..! Talk soon.

  2. welcome back baby...
    and yes....the 10% rule MUST be followed... ;)