Saturday, May 30, 2009

"the pink hotness" is back

Since I've been back to teaching spinning for about a month now, I thought it was finally time to get back on the real bike: my "pink hotness". Yes my friends- that is my bikes name :) It's probably a pretty lame one. But I think it fits my pink obsession.

Luckily my awesome friends Chad and Jen invited me to join them in North Park this weekend for a ride. While there were doing a 100 mile ride, I figured I could hang out for the beginning.

The weather was a little chilly to start and given I haven't been riding FOREVER I didn't bring any long sleeves or gloves. Fortunately the sun quickly burned off the cloud cover and it was a comfortable 70 degrees. Jen and I decided to head over to North Park and let the speed demons head in their own direction. Although we were a little unsure of the directions, we eventually made it to North Park, did a loop around the lake, and headed back. Despite our early 7 am start, there were tonz of cars zipping by us continuously. And can't forget the mountainous Pennsylvania hills... There were definitely two each way~Luckily my atrophied quads survived the damage. I felt bad the whole time, afraid I was holding Jen back. Hopefully she didn't mind too much :) I ended up doing 23 miles in a little over an hour. Not that bad of a start for me.

Overall it was a huge confidence booster to be back: back on the bike, back flying 40mph down hills, and of course back climbing up the other side. I was pretty scared coming into this morning especially as so many people have crashed lately. My confidence still needs some work. That will come in time. But thanx Jen for riding with me for putting up with my poky butt and making my first ride back awesome!


  1. At least your bike have a name! I'm still trying to figure mine out! Right now I'm calling in 'old faithful' - but i guess that's really not fitting until I get my new one!

    Glad you got back out and it felt awesome!!

  2. That is so fun! Glad you got to ride - finally right! It was such a nice day so it had to feel good to get out there. I rode from NP too but not until 8am. I was a late sleeper that morning. I guess we did about 65 or 70. Either way, it just feels good right! Hope to talk to you this week and check up on how you are!

  3. Congrats on being back in the game, babe. 1 or 2 weeks and you'll be leaving me in your dust!