Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NOLA Report

Although Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans nearly 4 years ago, based upon my recent travels I would have to say it appears to hit just last month. Driving into the city on I-10 from Pensacola, FL, all one can see are empty -destroyed houses lining the highways for miles and miles. Despite the initial dismal sites, I had high hopes of at least a few nice areas.

While the garden district near Tulane is very quaint and inviting, the zoning and city set-up are just plain weird! There are these adorable condos and lofts surrounded randomly by dishevelled shacks. It's like niceness and ghetto intermixed everywhere! Do they not have zoning laws? I've lived in about 7 different states and have NEVER seen anything like it before. It felt like I was in a different country.

Not to mention the roads... An SUV is a must to cruise through the streets of New Orleans. I'm not sure if it's hurricane damage or if they are just plain ancient. The constant bumps and pot holes feel more like a jungle safari versus what should be a smooth city cruise. I don't think my civic will survive. If you have ever been to Costa Rica or Central America and travelled the country roads, that is what it felt like.

I will definitely miss the pristine Gulf Coast beaches. The swamp lands don't come close.... It's ironic because while living in Pcola and Milton, I hated it. Really makes you appreciate things I guess. And besides it's gotta be better than Pittsburgh right? No snow=count me in :)

While I was admittedly disappointed with the trip, I don't officially move for another year anyway. Scott and I will make the most of it and hopefully learn a few things about the rich, cultural history. Hopefully we can find a cute loft in the garden district in a safe neighborhood far-far away from Bourbon Street and the tourists.

In other news tomorrow is MY FINAL XRAYS! YAH! I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Although I'm technically not supposed to see my surgeon until 12 weeks, he's rolling out for the next 2 weeks on vacation. I'm NOT waiting even an extra day for his sorry butt to return. 11 weeks is ALL i can take. I'm praying for at least the ok to get back on my pink hotness (my bike). I'll letcha know how it goes!


  1. Oh man. NOLA roads are no good. And the damage that is still there is just mind blowing. (I'm an insurance agent so it drives me nuts) Swamps? UGH. We rode through those bad boys in NOLA 70.3. But you know the house that looks like a castle on the way in on I-10? I think you guys should move there. That would be awesome :)

    I'm excited to hear how your x-rays go!! Good luck!!!

  2. So glad to hear you are going to get off crutches and can get on your bike! That is so exciting and I am so happy for you. Give me a ring sometime, I dont think I have your phone number - 814-280-6473. What are your plans this weekend? Are you around??