Friday, April 10, 2009

sexi sox

It's been awhile since I've had a second to sit down and even think about blogging. Unfortunately it's nowhere near being over. In the next 14 days I have 9 finals. More specifically one project,three practical exams, 6 writtens.....

In other news Scott got me these hot pink compression sox as a little gift after my injury! Blood clots are a huge risk with pelvis fractures so these are the perfect addition to improve my calve pump circulation. Honestly though, I can't wait to rock these in my first race back. Since my feet are always gross and calloused, I thought now was the perfect time to get a pedicure too!

School, clinic, teaching, and studying have been my life this week. The next two weeks get worse. After that however, life will be good because:

1. I'll be off my crutches next Friday! (fingers crossed)

2. The hardest semester of my DPT program will be over!


4. I can start PT and swimming! (fingers crossed)

5. I get to spend two weeks on the beach with my pilot hottie with two buckets full or margarita mix (what do you do when you can't train right????)

My next doctor's appt is next week and I'm trying to keep a level head going into it. This has been a better week for me emotionally and the tears became a little less frequent. I also stopped the meds. I get D's on tests when I take them hahaha........

I think I am finally to coming to grasp with what happened and trying to be thankful it wasn't worse. I'm also coming to appreciate the finer things in life that most people take for granted like grocery shopping, being able to carry a cup of coffee from starbucks, being able to go up stairs... But these are also more things I get to look forward to :)

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