Thursday, April 02, 2009

Back to it... (almost)

Today I went back to teaching spinning. I'm a little surprised my boss let me come back but it definitely felt amazing. I must admit ~it probably was quite humorous watching somebody walking into the gym on crutches. Not something you see everyday.....

But I did it. I sat on the bike for an hour and taught my class. Although I was very tempted to start pedaling, I somehow restrained my urges in hopes of healing faster :) It's definitely harder to teach something when you are unable to demonstrate as the instructor. Luckily I've been teaching at the X for awhile now and my class has a good grasp for my style. And even though I am unable to work out it simply felt good to do something besides sleeping, studying, and feeling bad for myself.

In other news, my mom is ironically hurt and going under the knife tomorrow. The week for before my snowboarding crash, she avulsed her hamstring aka tore all three muscles from the insertion sites: biceps femoris, semimembranous, and semitendinosos. We thought it would be cute to both be on crutches at the same time...not really. Strange how we both got hurt within a week of each other. Luckily her doctor is also the contracted Steeler guy so he must good. The initial rehab is quite rough as she cannot bend at the hip for 5 days. Not much you can do without flexing your hip... This weekend I plan to serve as the gimp support crew although I'm not sure how much help I can be. Regardless I will try my best as she did for me : )

Good luck everyone who is racing this weekend at oceanside!!!!

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  1. So glad you got to teach spin! I can see you up there sitting on that bike and teaching but in your heart just wanting to pedal like mad! I am not sure what the "X" is.. you'll have to tell me about it sometime. So, I um have some news.. I'm moving back to Pitt. It just isn't condusive to my training here and I really miss my friends and gym so much. I'll tell you more about it later..definitely lots on my mind! So, when you are finally all better and rested and feeling great I promise we will get out on those tri bikes and see the world! Look forward to that my friend! Glad you've been keeping in touch with Marit. I knew you two would be a good match considering the circumstances. We helped each other a lot last year adn she has become a really close friend of mine. Take care & hope your Mom heals quickly too!