Friday, April 17, 2009

MD update

Today marks 5 weeks since I crashed and burned. I was supposed to go my doctor at 6 weeks but with finals I had to squeeze it in this week. 7 more to go btw. As for the outcome, I'm still a little confused myself. My ortho seems kinda young and I'm not too sure he knows what is going on.

But for the good news.... I'm allowed to get in the pool again with a pull buoy. And I'm allowed to start cycling a little with no resistance.

As for the bad news... I'm only progressed to 25% partial weight bearing on the bad side technically not even starting until next Friday. What???? And apparently I'm supposed to be on crutches for 6 more weeks. How does that make any sense? (I've been walking around a little without my crutched in my apartment already ~ ooopps)

After a year of learning about joint arthokinematics in anatomy, musculoskeletal, and kinesiology, I think I have at least a small grasp of what is going on there. How can I bike with no resistance but not walk? There is still stress on the hip joint with cycling. And I thought bone healing was 6-8 weeks? Soft tissue is 8-12....Apparently there is a "pelvic ring fracture protocol" which my surgeon is clearly sticking to.

And it gets even funnier... My mom took me last time to the doctor and drove me there. This time I was by myself since my mom just had her entire hamstring re-attached. Besides the fact that I think I'm old enough to go to the dr by myself. hehheeh....BUT the dr asked in a very serious tone, "Did you drive her by yourself"? Kind of thrown off guard, I was like "duh-yah I drove myself here". Apparently I'm not supposed to even be driving yet? It's not even my driving foot/side. But he seemed VERY disturbed that I was driving. I guess if my pelvis plate fell apart while driving I could crash? I'm trying extremely hard to stick to protocol but I'm sorry- I am not going to stop driving. Sorry.

But with all this said and given my program is highly integrated with the med school program, I think I'm going to utlize my resources to ensure this is all legit. This protocol sounds like some generic program probably created for a 80 year-old who fell and broke their pelvis. Although I know I'm being stubborn, I am simply searching for the truth and the best medical evidence. (my evidence prof would love to hear this)

So 12 weeks until full weight bearing? Even in the seated position, there is clearly still ground reaction forces travelling through the pelvis. Ok I think now I am officially arguing with myself. But with all that said, I'm going to dig a little deeper at least for peace of mind. In the mean time, I guess I'll try to behave for my own well being.

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  1. Don't get disheartened or discouraged! You're TOTALLY RIGHT - the doctors are treating you like an 80-year old pelvic fracture, and NOT as an athletic and healthy young woman. One of the most difficult things for me was EVERYONE (seemingly) telling me "NO - you can't do this until X date," or "No, that's not possible..."

    Yeah, I understand that each and every case is different, but I strongly recommend that you look into this yourself, get a second opinion... perhaps from a doctor who specializes in dealing with athletes...? Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't.

    But at the same time, realize that your body when through a HUGE ordeal, and needs time to heal. Be kind and gentle on yourslef...don't get too angry if its not performing the way you expect. I used to get so upset when I couldn't do something...or when I finally DID start training, felt so slow... The thing, is - I had never broken my sacrum in the past - and therefore had NO way of understanding what the treatment and recovery was like.

    Hang in there! I'm very proud of you - it's not easy (I know) - but day by day, you're healing and getting better! HOORAY for swimming - that's awesome! And light biking - GO FOR IT!

    Sending you good vibes :)