Monday, April 13, 2009

1 down, 8 to go

Today marks the beginning of what most college students fear at the end of the semester: FINALs! Yahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! In Physical Therapy school finals are taken to a whole new level. My schedule includes 9 finals plus one project. Luckily today was numero uno and the project:)
I have one more in neuroscience this week and 7 the following week. How is that testing my knowledge? Somebody tell me please because I do not get it the least bit.

On the bright side of things what else can I do at this point besides study and go to class?

drum roll......


So as much as I'm being a big pessimist about being hurt and not being able to train, at least I can study right? I somehow lately have still somehow managed to waste time via facebook, blogging, and maybe binging on easter candy. Studying is not fun. Especially when you feel guilty for doing normal, everyday activities like spending with family or going to church. Unfortunately that is what my life has turned into this semester...... Will my life be normal again when this madness ends? "Hopefully" I tell myself. That is the only thing getting me through these next two weeks! (in addition to spending two weeks on the beach with scott of course )


  1. Love the compression socks. I need some too..I couldn't tell what kind those were so you'll have to fill me in so I know what's good. I only know a couple of brands 2XU. Wow.. your finals sound rough! I know you will make it though.. you're hardcore. No doubt! Thinking of you and so glad you will be off crutches soon. Talk soon!

  2. I believe you told me just yesterday, "What is normal?" Things might not be exactly the same as they were before but you will manage and gaurantee that even though it's not the same, you will learn to do things in a different way maybe. You'll bounce back, we all know you will. ; )