Wednesday, March 11, 2009

surfing to snowboarding

Today marks the end of hot sunny fl weather as I head west to salt lake city to visit my favorite snowbunny and sister angela.

Florida was amazing as always. I spent my last day with Scott doing all of my favoritist things! The day consisted of some beach yoga in Destin, an afternoon surf session, outlet shopping, and finishing with some cold stone.

I had a hard time leaving Scott this morning knowing I won't see him for 5 weeks. Knowing my semester from hell will be over when i see him again makes it hurt a little less. With Scott starting helicopters Thursday and me going back monday- it's balls to the wall for the next month. Then another long break with scott and tri season begins!!!

But today I'm trading my surf board for a snow board and hopefully will spend the next three days exploring park city and the canyons. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my sister and of course savoring every moment I'm not studying.

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  1. Hey! Glad you enjoyed your time off in sunny FL. It's cold here and you definitely aren't missing much! Lots of rides inside on the trainer. Have fun snowboarding. I'll see you on March 28th for Just a Short. What do you think you will run for that? It would be AWESOME to run together..but we will have to wait and see. Here i am asking what you will run and I don't have a clue what I will run! Ha! I'm not fair! Hope to see or talk to you soon! Take care!!