Saturday, January 03, 2009

Thanks for my new blog!

First and foremost I have to thank my awesome husband scott for designing this sweet blog! This was by far my "favoritist" christmas present. I've been putting off my first entry-fearing my bad writing will ruin his perfect artwork! But here goes.....

It's been an wonderful, relaxing break from physical therapy school. I've been pretty lucky given I had off from Dec 12th-Jan 5th. Not a bad vacation...definitely well deserved after a hellish semester. Although it was supposed to be a break Scott and I did A LOT. Normal people probably wouldn't consider it too relaxing. But here is my top ten list of our ventures in no particular order:

1. Running on the beach in Navarre in a bikini!!!

2. Climbing the Cathedral of Learning (36 floors) x 10 (ps: thanx chad!)
3. Back flipping through rocks instead of snow at 7 springs. (I have battle wounds to prove it)
4. Cheering on the Utah Utes to win the Sugar Bowl
5. Getting 5th row tix to the Steeler vs Browns Game
6. Crashing the Moors Christmas Party
7. Traveling to Fl, OK, and PA
8. Crossfitting every day!
9. Climbing Mt. Scott (yes there are mountains in Oklahoma)
10. Spending three whole weeks with SCOTT and celebrating Christmas, two birthdays, and new years together!

I'm definitely not ready to go back to school on Monday. Supposedly this semester is one of the worst as I face the most dreaded class in physical therapy school: neuroscience. Luckily my roomie is a neuro major and hopefully will help me survive. 

My last day of freedom will hopefully be spent shredding fresh powder at the Seven Springs with Angela. (more like premium east coast ice/granular but I am hopeful !) 

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world Heidi! Let Jen and I know if you want to get together for a swim, bike or run! Good luck with school this semester.