Sunday, May 25, 2014

FL 70.3 Race Report

Pre-swim I caught up with Lisa Smelser and her husband Luke. I also was fortunate enough to catch up with my good friend Jocelyn Cornman. After that, Flex and Scott were there to see me off :)  Although relatively calm wind/waters the heat on top of heat created a cluster out there for sure. I knew I was close to the front of my pack but not too specific. As a exited the water in the longest transition ever, Scott informed me I was just over 30 minutes. (Later to find out he really had no idea but didn't want to mess with my psyche) I was excited to see none of the bikes from my AG rack had yet been touched.

I  hit the bike super positive thinking I just swam in 30 minutes and knowing I had to be in top few in my AG. The bike was rolling and a bit windy in spots. I went out hard and kept my HR in the low 160s. I definitely went over at times with some of the tougher climbs. I saw a few girls here in there but really no one in my AG that passed me. (Except for one girl who was right on the A$$ of some dude...who later I found out won our AG. Huh.) Nutrition on the bike was 3 PB gels, a 5hr energy, and 3 bottles of Ironman Perform. As I finished the bike in the 2:30s I knew it was going to be a good day. Hello 8 minute bike PR!

Despite a solid start to the day, things never really clicked for me on the run. After fumbling with my Garmin to switch from bike to run mode-- I ended up just doing the math in my head. The 3 loop course was hot, hilly, and overall a cluster--F as far as congestion. The first mile of the loop included a few tough rollers with a narrow side walk in loose grave sand that is barely big enough for one person let alone a race of this size to pass through. Despite a slower start to the run, I was super stoked to find out in the first lap that I was 4th in my AG! I was able to hold my position for the first 2 laps. After that, things went south as I was passed by two AG girls. In the end, I finished with a 5:09 and placed 6th in my AG. Unfortunately, in the last lap I not only gave away a podium spot but also a WC slot.

Tough day out there but I gave it my all, got a huge pike PR, and a 2 min 70.3 PR. You can't complain too much when you perform the best you ever have :) Thank you Coach Chad and to my super supportive husband for putting up with me!
And as for the World Championships, I will get there someday!

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