Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catching Up

Yes I've disappeared from the blogging world once again! I always have an excuse but this time there are more than I can count. Let's just say a combination of: an extensive A.R.T. course, Arizona for MLB, Boulder for Rev3, entertaining several Mardi Gras guests, and planning a move to FL have forced me to put blogging on the back burner temporarily.

So let's play catch up! I started off the year with a quick, fun 5k in Nola during a monsoon and was able to take home some prize money!

After that I was fortunate enough to jet set to Scottsdale AZ to perform some MLB Umpire screenings. Scottsdale was the bomb and I easily fell in love with all the desert had to offer especially the hiking.

Following the quick work trip, I shifted gears and headed north to Boulder, Co to hang out with all my awesome Rev3 teammates. Pictured here: Frayed Laces, Jill Poon, and Nina Jack.

It was a blast as always! I even got to hang out with RunThis Amazing Day, her hubby, and her awesome dogs. And gotta love the Chatauqua hike Royal Arch view. Breathtaking :)

As I headed back to Nola, Scott and I made sure to partake in the Super Bowl Festivities and then easily transitioned to Mardi Gras. With this being our last Mardi Gras, let's just say we went hard.

And a result of these fun festivities and a combination of 2012 post 140.6 burnout, training has been hit or miss. To top it off, I'm paying for it with the flu.

Ick. As for the Rock n Roll half marathon this upcoming weekend, I would say it's 50/50. And that my friends is why once I kick this cold thing, it's time to get serious!

And by the way yes we are moving to Jacksonville, Florida :)


  1. You haven't been blogging much. You have been busy.

    Good luck with all your stuff going on. I saw a lot of your Mardi Gras pictures via FB, and Twitter. Looked like fun.

    Get healthy, and get to training. :)

    You'll be fine this year. I have faith in you. :)

  2. We all get side-tracked! Glad to see you checking in though.

    Congrats on the Rev3 team! I look forward to joining the team in the future!

  3. When are you leaving?? I am supposed to come in Oct/Nov for my brother's wedding...may try to make a long weekend trip before then - Congrats on everything - looks like you have a had a great year so far (exception of the flu)

  4. Hey, and moving to Jax? wow that's a big move! Congratulations!

  5. I am SO excited you will be in Jax! I can't wait!!