Sunday, October 09, 2011

Looking Ahead: 2012

Dear 2011 Tri Season,
You've been pretty good to me... I was afraid of you. I'm not going to lie. The big girl AG was quite scary and yes-so were many of the girls. With a late Dec birthday, I knew my bump up in AG would mean you forcing me to compete with the best in the country and the world. Like most seasons you brought many ups and downs. Despite you plaguing my season with endless swim cancellations, hard-core-training-burn-out, PT school graduation, and board helped me to: rock out my first big overall win at Irongirl NOLA, shave 20 minutes off my 70.3 time, and qualify for AG Nationals and the 5150 Championships. Although you did not grant the secretly coveted Kona or Vegas slot, you gave me hope that there is far more good things to come in 2012!
~Love Heidi

There a lot of factors that still need to play out to finalize 2012, but here goes my tentative schedule:

Jackson Day Race 9k-January 15th New Orleans, LA

Gasparilla Distance Classic Half Marathon-March 4th Tampa, FL

Memorial Herman 70.3–April 1st Galveston, TX

Ironman Texas-May 19th Woodlands, TX

Grandman Triathlon-June TBD Fairhope, AL

Sandestin Triathlon-August 18th Sandestin, FL

Rev3 Cedar Point-Sept 9th Sandusky, OH

Santa Rosa Triathlon-Oct. TBD Pensacola, FL

Rev3 Sarasota-Oct. 28th Sarasota, FL

I'm hoping to do a bit more travelling this year! And yes I'm giving the iron-distance my second shot :) There is also a secret possibility of another iron distance making the list. Last but not least, I'm hoping to get much closer to.... if not break that 5 hour/11 hour barrier for the 70.3/140.6 distances respectively.

What about you? What are your goals for 2012?


  1. Looks like we have the same goals! Nice work this year especially with all the other important life things. I'll be doing Gasparilla half mary next year too, of course. I think you will meet your goals next year and I have a feeling I know what the other IM might be ...
    Looking forward to seeing you at IMFL. What exactly is a bike marshall?

  2. Good luck next year. I bet it will be better, just cause you don't have so much stuff going on.

    Goals?? To stay healthy by New Years, and than we will see. I aim big. :)

    Have a good Monday. I woke up late so gotta run. :)

  3. Hey Heidi, HOW exciting about 2012! Lots of Texas fun!!! :)) Awesome!

    I have not even thought about 2012 yet...I still have IMAZ on the horizon! LOL

  4. You have some great goals for 2012. I can't wait to see how your year goes. I am sure you will rock it!

    Congrats on a great 2011. You had a great year!

  5. i dont see any new england races on your schedule miss heidi! :(

    does look like a fantastic line-up though for 2012.

    my goals for 2012 - ummmm drink more?

  6. Congrats on a great season! I was also terrified of aging up to 30-34 this year but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

    I'm also doing IM #2 next year - Louisville. I love how this season is barely over and we already have next year completely planned out :)

  7. Wow.. here's to the 2011 season and kicking some serious assets in 2012 lady! You made huge strides! I'm so excited about next year!

  8. Awesome season!

    I honestly have NO CLUE what my goals are going to be for next year. I'm completely wishy washy about focusing on getting faster at Olys vs taking another stab at 140.6s.

  9. Congrats on an amazing season!!! Those are some awesome goals for next season! ! I’ll be doing the Gasparilla half and the Galveston 70.3 as well! WOOT WOOT!