Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time for the Big Girl Pants

Things happen for a reason. Ironically I spent my last post raving about how excited I was to have Scott joining me at the Rev3 Cedar Point 70.3. Unfortunately things didn't end up working out as planned. One week out from the race my dearest Flex messed up his back so bad he was physically dragging his legs behind him. Fearing my dog would be permanently paralyzed and utilizing wheels for back legs, I asked Scott to stay home to help the little guy mend. It was a little traumatic to say the least. I'm sure my fellow pet lovers understand.

In the end, I jet setted off to Ohio sans race sherpa. Although my parents were there on race day, I was tasked with bike assembly for the first time alone. I called it operation "big girl pants". Don't get me wrong I travel alone a lot....but the thought of physically getting the bike to the airport...flying the bike safely to my destination and then fitting it into the rental car... and out of the car... and then putting it together correctly was....

just a little daunting....

My double sized bike box did NOT help my cause. Luckily I pulled the damsel in distress card at the rental car place and at least scored a free upgrade to a full size SUV :)
In the end all worked out and Heidi and the pink hotness arrived safely in Sandusky, Ohio for race day.

My personal parazzi aka my mom made it just in time for race day. The race went off Sunday without a hitch. The water was calm and the skies were clear. It was a beautiful day for race day. I went out hard at the swim start knowing I wanted to try to stay with the amateur leaders. The swim start was a little rough with the 1-2 ft muck like quicksand we had to run to getting to the water. Despite my efforts to stay with the leaders I fell back some. The morning glare made it a little tough to sight and my full wetsuit felt like it was killing my shoulders. Upon water exit I glanced down at my watch.. 36 minutes... goal time 29-32.... uh oh. Not good.

As I headed off to the bike I was a little scared as I hadn't had time to drive the course before. And although I was told my many (northerners) that the course as flat, I had some doubts. Regardless I set off below my 163 bpm heart rate threshold for the first 28 miles. There were definitely some hills... some might call them rollers but definitely hills to this now flat lander. I passed a few girls in my AG and a few passed me. Nutrition was spot on. No mistakes there. After the half way point I picked it up a notch to my 165 bpm threshold and tried not to get too excited as I neared the finish.

Final bike time: 2:45

Right on track. Not going to complain given the hills :)

Off to the run... I kept telling myself... this is it... last big race of the season... no holding back...Starting out I felt good. My legs were pretty tight as I transitioned but my turnover and cadence were good. I started off at a solid 7 minute pace. I was picking off people left and right. I found out a few miles in that I was 3rd in my AG.
Yay! Despite my efforts to hold my pace... it felt like every mile just kept getting a little slower and slower until it was 9 min pace and then even 10 min pace the around 11-12 miles. My quads felt like they were being stabbed. At that point I just started feeling sort of well... content... one mile left .... 3rd in my age group.... this really hurts.... Right around that same time I was passed unexpectedly by another girl in my age group.

Feeling pretty bad at this point, I just repeated my mantra: "stay on her Heidi--just stay on her Heidi". You can't get beat in the last mile of a 70.3! And that is exactly what I did... With about 3/4 of a mile to go I just got this surge of energy. I was not about to throw in the towel that easy. Nope. I dropped the girl with ease and kicked it in the rest of the way.
As I proudly crossed carrying the American flag on 9/11, I couldn't help but think about my lil bro the marine and my naval aviator hubby. After all because of them- they made this day and pretty much every freedom we have possible. Thank you thank you!
Final run time... 1:54. Final time 5:19. A little off my 5 hour goal time but I'll take it!

Despite my time disappointment, I was the 10th amateur and 3rd in my age group. When all was said and done, Heidi put on her big girl pants and got a 20 minute PR. I guess you can't complain about only dropping 20 minutes at a time. Hopefully more good things to come! Thank you Rev3 for by far the most beautifully executed and organized race. Loved it :) Goodbye WTC. And of course thank you to Kim my coach for getting me through and of course for putting up with me :)


  1. Congrats on the race. Hope the pup feels better soon! Looking forward to hanging with you in Pensacola in a few weeks!

  2. Congrats on your race, and yeah good luck to the puppies. :)

  3. Congrats Heidi!!! 20 minute PR is HUGE! :) Hope your little Flex is okay!!

  4. Hope the little guy gets better!! Congratulations you did awesome on the race!

  5. Congrats on the 20 min PR.

    Thinking back on why I said it was flat, I think there is around 800 feet of total elevation for 56 miles, I cant escape anything less then a 1000 on 25 mile rides where I live and I hate hills. Sorry, it just felt flatter to me, my bad

  6. 20 minute PR?! holy shit girlfriend, that is awesome! congrats on kicking some major ass!!!!

  7. Glad you enjoyed the race! Job well done!

  8. Woohoo! Congrats on the PR and a 3rd place AG award!!

  9. Hi! When I heard your name at awards I knew I'd heard it in the blogging realm before... and I think Chad Holderbaum asked me once if I knew you - did you live in/near Pittsburgh at some point?

    Congrats on your race and PR, and thanks for keeping me motivated on the run!! (I was so afraid you were going to catch me when I saw you at the first out & back.)

    Hope the doggy is on the mend!

  10. YAY! I thought about you all when i was in Wisconsin. How awesome is that flag:) glad you dropped her so you could carry the flag and not drop it for fear or losing 3rd!
    Poor FLEX, maybe he needs some muscle relaxants?
    Sorry bad joke, hope he is doing ok:(

  11. Wow! I love hearing about it from your perspective and I think you 100% suceeded at pulling up the big girl pants and GETTING ER DONE! So proud of you for never giving up and FIGHTING that last mile! So happyI got to read this and a 20 minute PR - we will take it!

  12. Stellar race! Loved the post. Now get the hubs out there next year! :)