Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fun

Somehow in the midst of training, I was able to escape to Pennsylvania for the weekend to get my fall fix. Although I'm over northern winters, there is no other place I would rather be this time of year. The leaves were breath taking!

And despite it being a mini-vacation, there was training to get done. Luckily Kim came to the rescue! Kim and I cranked out a 3500 m swim and 2 hour run Saturday. Minus the pool being a steamy 82 degrees and horribly low energy levels for both of us, the workouts were a success. And more importantly it was great to catch up with one of my best friends. Besides catching up, much time was spent strategizing and planning for our races on the horizon. Kim is also doing a late season Ironman (Cozumel). We topped the morning off with some quality fuel: our local favorite Tomatoe Pie Pizza with feta, basil, and tomatoes. Yummmmm.....

Although I take my training quite seriously, there was still fun to be had. Sunday we scored some awesome tickets to the Steeler's vs Browns game. I was anxious to see Ben Raplis-bergers first game back. We didn't mess around with the tailgaiting and I definitely went over my one-drink a week pre-Ironman rule. Ooops. It was a girly weekend with my mom, sister from Utah, and brother's girlfriend.
And we got a win out of the deal so I can't complain! Oh how I love fall and my Steelers! For now it's back to the Cajun swamp lands with me. Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Yeah! Go Steelers! I grew up in PA in the early 70's (I know!) so i'm of the Terry Bradshaw era;-)

    and your family at the game looks so cute!

  2. That sounds like a great trip! How fun!

  3. You two are so friggin cute I can't stand it!

  4. Oh yea! I love the Steelers as well! I just wish we got more of their games here in Colorado!

    And like D said, you guys are adorable! Ugh! ;)

  5. Almost GO time for you lady!! You have done so well with your training and you've trained smart. You WILL have a great race...less than 2 weeks now, OMG!! I'm so excited for you i can't stand it.

  6. Hey chicka...check your yahoo email. We're trying to arrange a IMFL meetup.