Tuesday, March 16, 2010

an athletes dream land

Last week I fell in love with Salt Lake City... I had a tough time leaving my little sis and saying good bye to all of these awesome things:

1. Entire lanes reserved for only runners, bikers, and walkers...
2. Altitude training anyone?
3. Many more open, vast trails into the mountains.....(minus the felines)
4. Quaint little cafes in the mountains conveniently located on bike routes5. Spoon me !!!!!(organic-yummy frozen yogurt) Who thought healthy could taste this good?
6. Goggle tans
7 &8 lots of sunshine and my sister of course
9. Spectacular views like this in every direction you look...
10. Powder run? p.s. i made it out without a hospital visit this time :)


  1. that place does rock! I can see why you did not want to leave! Cheers

  2. that's fabu.
    and yeah, utah seems like they're the mecca for fro yo. that was my experience at least.

  3. Great place to visit...I will add to my trip planning...

    Thanks for sharing!

    "XTB" Xavi.

  4. That is beautiful. All of it.

  5. i've never been to Salt lake City or anywhere in Utah for that matter but wow, it is beautiful. Love the names of the coffee shop and yogurt place...very creative minds there in Utah!Glad you made it back without a hospital visit : )

  6. Love the pics...it looks so beautiful! I'm glad you had a good trip.