Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You can't win them all

Battle 1
Yesterday my training plan wasn't too bad: 50 min run, 1 hr tempo bike. Not wanting to run inside AGAIN, I twisted my training partner's arm and got her to skip a meeting to go run... Given we were already sitting on our butt's from 8am-5pm in boring classes, it didn't take much coaxing. Although the temperatures dropped fast, the sun set quickly, and the sidewalks were still icy, we didn't care. We were both just happy to be outside doing what we love: RUNNING :)

My positive attitude changed quickly when halfway into the run I began experiencing knife stabbing pains in my stomach. It felt like I had bricks bouncing in my belly. I made the dumb mistake of scarfing an entire smoothie power bar on an empty stomach before our run. WTF. SOOO dumb. Note to self-

Oh- did I pay for it....


and over

and over..........

Luckily I made it back in exactly 50 minutes, just in time to lose my cookies. I laid on my apartment floor for a good 15 minutes before I could even think about sitting on my bike. Luckily my roommate wasn't there to laugh at me laying in my bike gear passed out on the floor. I was not going to give in!

Mr. Sensitive Stomach 1, Heidi 0

I jumped on the pink hotness and had to get off 3 times in the first 10 minutes. Blah.... I was not going to stop. My schedule said 1 hour tempo ride and I was going to get it done with my stomach with me or not. After the first 10 minutes I think I yacked up all of my internal organs, but was able to finish the remaining 50 minutes.

Stomach 4, Heidi 0.5 (for finishing)

Battle 2
This morning I planned on getting my swim in before I hit the books. Still pretty lethargic from my previous nights battle, I thought ahhh, "Heidi it's only 3000 m suck it up!" Not wanting to disturb Mr. Stomach, I ate a small apple and hit the pool. 50 meters into my swim my body just ached. Here we go again I thought to myself....After the 250 warm-up I just focused finishing each set. 6x75s, then 8x150s, 3x200s, and then at last 10x50s. I can't count how many times I was ready to jump out and say screw it -today's not my day. My heart rate was off and my times were.......well i just just stopped timing after my first set. As much as it sucked and as silly as it sounds, I was proud of myself for dealing. We'll call it a tie for my mental toughness. ahhahah

Swim 1, Heidi 1

I jumped on the bus headed back to my apartment. I rushed home as I usually do, not wanting to get chilled with my soaked hair. I reached for my keys only to find that in my previous-night's- puking-daze, I forgot to put my apartment key back on. And my room mate wouldn't be back for hours......I made a lame attempt to break in with an expired plastic card. No love~

Keys 1, Heidi 0

Clearly not every training day can be perfect OR go as planned. For now, I'll take what I've learned and put it to good use in the future. After I've had a good laugh first.....


  1. I am laughiung with you....WOW! Way to go with sticking it out! You are a bigger person than I am! The things we do for fun!?? Hope your next training session goes a little better! Cheers!

  2. Arggghhhh! We've all been there though - and good for you for sticking it out! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten on the bike after that run... ;) It can only improve from here! :)

  3. I would have totally pussed out and jumped into bed, I have NO doubt. You are a rockstar.

  4. Nice job sucking it up and LOVE THE NEW LAY OUT!

  5. But you did the training, yay! As for the keys, don't you just hate when that happens.

  6. Well you've certainly got my peanut butter burps & slight need to poop (slight... a BIG step-up from where I once was *shudder*) beat. Nice work out there, Pukey McPukerson.

  7. if you look up the word persevere in the dictionary, i think you may just see your picture next to it! way to hang tough!

  8. AHHHH! I hate when I Do that w/ the keys! BUT way for sticking it out IS right!!!!! it is always good for us to just laugh at ourselves, right? !!!! :))