Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Favorite Time Year

I'm actually being a little sarcastic...although I do love Christmas. Probably not even funny but my brain is already fried....

Yes my friends it's finals time. Booo!!!! This semester isn't really that bad given I only have 4 finals. But 2 of the tests are cumulative from 5 semesters Neuro and musculoskeletal. Fun stuff. Nuff said. So that means just a couple of things:

1. No blogging until after 12/17

2. No or limited FB until 12/17 (we all need study breaks right?)

3. I will try my hardest to get all of my workouts in but will sacrifice where needed (especially if this just so happens to be any type of workout outside on a REALLY REALLY cold and snowy-day)

4. A sickening amount of rockstar engergy drinks, diet mt dew, and many white peppermint mochas will probably- most -definitely be involved

5. Despite high levels of stress I WILL NOT binge on copious amounts of peanut butter cups, nachos, and pizza

6. Online shopping will be allowed for study breaks only

7. No christmas decorating or baking until after 12/17. Yes my apartment sux.

8. My acute care clinical rotation is over so no more seeing 90 old saggy as*es a day and no more CODE BROWN! (if you dont' know dont' ask because you really don't want to)

9. After finals, I get to spend a whole 2 weeks in NOLA with Scott for a true "Nawlins" Christmas


I guess I sound more like scrooge! I'll be back soon. This is Heidi signing off~


  1. Good luck on the finals. I only have one and it's a take home. Hope you are able to get some workouts in. Keep the stress down. I love the online shopping for study breaks!

  2. Did you hear back on your affiliation? Glad acute is over huh? Good luck with finals!!!

  3. Good luck Heidi!! Only 7 more days - you can do it!! And then let the fun begin! :)

  4. good luck on the studying scrooge! :) I hope it goes well and you kick butt! All your work will be well rewarded on your break! Cheers!

  5. Good luck:) it will all be over soon!
    Code brown. Eeew!

  6. Don't be so cynical you giant dummy!

  7. Guess it's time to have some holiday fun hu?