Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday #2

For my birthday, instead of buying me stuff, Scott took me on a fun mini- shopping spree. After my morning swim and lift, we hit the mall. Only 10 minutes into our shopping, I started to get that sick-sore-throat feeling. I take my shopping seriously and sucked it up and pressed on. Knowing Scott had an elegant evening planned at the Commander's Palace that took months to get a reservation, I didn't want to spill the beans.

Towards our last stop, my pace slowed and Scott knew something was up. My symptoms took a turn for the worst, as it hurt to talk or even swallow. We hit the drug store and I downed some Thera-flu and took a two-hour nap. Naps do-a-Heidi good. Although not 100%, I wasn't about to pass up my first five star dining experience. I slid into a super cute black dress and Scott donned a new pink tie. Note: pink look hot on guys but Scott WILL only wear it on my birthday. Regardless, he looked hot :)
The dinner was nothing less than spectacular. I had the best pecan encrusted red snapper ever with sore throat and all. We finished it off with the tastiest and prettiest creme brulee ever! Check out the fleur de lis :) If you ever visit New Orleans, you have to try this place!

Thanx ya'll again for all the birthday wishes! 28 is scary....creeping way to close to 30 for my liking.


  1. 28 is still way young. I had a problem with 29 but now that I am closer to 40, I can say with authority that you are still young.

    Are you using Florida to qualify for Kona?

  2. Happy Birthday! it's all a number!! let's just say I am older(quite a bit) and still carry on and behave like I am 21! have fun life is to hsort! Happy New year! from snowy cold Canada

  3. You might be 28, but you're 28 & married. I'm 28 & (very) single. Much scarier ;)

  4. I'm turning 30, so 28 is not that bad! And I'm now single at 30 so there! Sob fest over! /happy Birthday.

  5. oh la la! Commander's palace?? How was it?? Happy bday! We have way too much in common. I'm fearing 28 as well (but I've got a few more months until that happens lol...) hope that you are feeling better. You can stay real while IM training, you just have to be aware that life exists outside of ironman (which is hard to believe when you are in the midst of tough training). While it will absorb your life just remember to carve out time for non-triathlon buds, for you husband and for other interests. I'm making it my resolution to find some time to volunteer for habitat and/or girls on the run. you will rock 2010! happy 28th!

  6. Ohhh!! Sounds like the perfect birthday (minus the sore throat!) and way to go getting your man to wear pink! I'm going to have to have to pull that card next year!

    28 is not bad...I just turned 29 and freaking out a bit about 30 :)

  7. Happy Birthday, glad you could do the RALLY nap and enjoy your night out. Yea geesh, 29 is pretty close too, you know what they say about 29 dont you???
    Signed your 43 yo blog friend in MN
    PS it must have been so bad i forgot how bad:)


    When you said "I started to get that sick-sore-throat feeling. I take my shopping seriously and sucked it up and pressed on" I thought it was the pressure of shopping that made you feel this way. lol...Shopping can turn me into a machine of some type. No longer human.

  9. 盛年不再來,一日難再晨;及時當勉勵,歲月不待人..................................................