Saturday, November 21, 2009

T -minus one week!

Less than a week until I begin my New Orleans 70.3 training plan! Not that I needed much of an off -season after my 3 races, but I can’t believe it’s already time! I’m probably going to have to cut back on my spin-class instruction a little to accommodate. Although I do love teaching, when you already have limited time to squeeze in x-amount of workouts, something has to go!

In order to plan ahead, this week I’m stocking up on running shoes, goggles, gels, bars, and lots of conditioner and shampoo. That reminds me of another reason why I strongly dislike swimming ~ hello hair damage!!!!! Back in my competitive diving days my hair literally turned a shade of green. No joke! Yuck!

After several scoldings from my hair stylist, I started wetting my hair and soaking it with conditioner before hitting the pool. Apparently your hair doesn’ t soak up as much chlorine if it’s already wet... And for those of you who get the after-swim-rat’s nest like me, it does work! Call me a prissy or superficial but green hair=not attractive! Anyway enough of my triathlon-beauty tangent... back to next season-

I'm so ready for 2010. I'm hoping after my pro-longed R &R this year I'll be healthier, faster, and stronger. I already feel more mentally prepared than ever. It's horrible to say, but traumatic injuries toughen your psyche more than anything I know. Cheers to 2010!


  1. Come to Hawaii---I swim in the ocean 90% of the time. And have you heard about that special chlorine neutralizing shampoo? Worth a look for...

  2. I agree with FL, come to Hawaii, but then the salt water can be just as damaging, just not color changing. And yep, wetting the hair first makes a HUGE difference. Have fun training, I start Dec 1st.

  3. Don't listen to them. Salt water swimming is nasty. NASTY!
    The time it takes to deal with my hair after swimming is a huge peeve of mine too. I love to swim - I do not love spending an hour cleaning up & dealing with my hair after. Swimming is so time consuming when you add it all up.

  4. Thankfully our training pool is saltwater - and my hair is not a lovley tint of green. Because it has been most of my life!

    Great attitude to start of the season! I'm right there with you! :) Are you going to head over to do gulf coast? I'm still pondering New Orleans.

  5. YEA - I'm excited for you! I had a friend who used the conditioner methood before she swam,, and it worked great!

    Cheers to your 2010 season! YEAAAA!!!!

  6. My hair feels like cotton candy, I swear, totally sucks.

    Man, I hope I get my motivation back to get ready for 2010!

  7. OOH I love salt water swimming, just cant open your mouth as much. I am with you, ready to get rolling. I had a really easy time taking 2 weeks off, with weddings, and a honeymoon where i could "fake" training in the great ocean and with hikes, it didnt feel so bad. I would have gone nuts in MN not training since we are in the doldrums of fall and it has actually been NICE out...well not snowing!

  8. Yahoo!!! 2010 here we come! :) You are going to be raring to go! :)