Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dear Mr. Off Season...

I must say I'm not a fan. I miss my regimented routine with goals, plans, and lists. What have you done with my dear friend??? All of those going to Clearwater are probably going to be pissed when they read this. I apologized in advance but I'm in a weird rut. I think I was so caught up and "healing". Now I'm better but lost... And why do I need an off season anyway after my stellar 2-month season? This has NOT been the best of weeks for me. There are many other factors involved that aren't contributing to my cause....

1. POOP-Patients pooping on my shoes and farting in my face. Yes-it's been one of those weeks in the hospital. Code brown for sure... I hate acute care and hope I NEVER have to work in the hospital again. I can't count how many times I almost puked this week. ewwwwww!

2. NURSES-Angry nurses yelling at me: because their patients sha* themselves and because the hospital I work at (UPMC Braddock) is closing in two months. I'm sorry I'm not going to school for 7 years to clean up poop. Not that they were very nice to begin with... Sorry to my nurses out there!I'm sure some are nice :)

3. Birth Control-My stupid pharmacist gave me generic birth control pills this month without asking. I feel like a crazy- bi-polar person with the appetite for 4 and a lovely buddha belly to go with. N0- I'm not pregnant (that scare was last month)

4. Group projects in PT school. I somehow managed to get stuck with the most up-tight- sweaty-neurotic-anal-high strung people in my class for this group project. I know they are so wrapped up in school that they will definitely not read my blog. Which brings me to my next point...

5. Gossipers- I'm sick of censorship! This is one time I'm not holding back. Say what you think! Stop gossipping and say it to my face! And if you don't like my blog~ don't read it!

6. Debbie the Downers-Yes-I am calling the kettle black right now~ but I need to surround myself with positive-uplifting people! I need to get this out for sanity's sake. I'm typically not a "downer."

7.Cold Weather-I miss heat and humidity. Come back! I'm ready for the NOLA swamp-lands! Here come the Pittsburgh dark ages.

8. Swimming-I've been avoiding the pool like the plague. This kinda goes along with #6. After a bad day, the last thing I want to do is jump into a freeezing pool. Although deep down, I know that is where I need to be more than anywhere else.

9. Long distance-I miss Scott and am ready to be done with PT school. 6 more months and counting......May 2010 cannot come any sooner.

10. I'm Broke!-Grad school is taking a toll on my finances. It's always harder around the holidays when I can barely afford to feed myself! Especially in this crazy sport of triathlon.... I live off of coffee and my grocery money goes to race-entry fees years in advance!

But to end on a good note, there are some positive things:

1. I get to spend all weekend taking wiener naps with Flex and Chewy.2. Mini-wieners are better than people sometimes! (and better looking)

3. I have no tests next week!

4. I'm going to visit Scott and finally get to see the inside of "our house" next weekend in New Orleans

5. Only 6 more weeks of poop and mean nurses

6. This is my last winter ever in the NORTH!

7. I get to start seriously training in 2 more weeks

8. Did I say get to spend all weekend with my wieners?

9. And wieners like to keep my toes warm!

10. And 2 wieners are better than 1!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hang in there Heidi!!! Sounds like some icky and gross things.... BUT you are working towards some awesome goals - YEA!!! I know the distance thing between you and Scott is not fun and I know exacly how not-fun it is. But you are almost done.... good vibes and hugs your way!

  2. Excuse me ma'am. Don't get ahead of yourself... one of those wieners is indeed mine.

    p.s. I could actually really use one right now so if you could send Chewy my way, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. I got to daysit a 4 month old mini-wiener last Friday. SO cute and just a sweetheart. I'm a fan!

    As shitty *snort* as things are right now, you're getting there and they only go up! I totally hear ya on being broke too... if the race is more than $10, I'm not doing it. Kinda sad :/

  4. Hang in there girl. You are experiencing what all of us have gone through and let me tell you, you will get through it. You wont remember this part of PT school unless someone reminds you. The focus is getting through acute, getting though school, and acing your liscensure exam (sp). Its not as hard as you think. Your family and pups will see you through! Then we will welcome you to the club!

  5. You're doing great. hang in there lady! We'll do something fun this weekend and forget all our troubles..I promise!!

  6. Oh boy! yes, hang in there Heidi, I agree with you though - WE NEED and crave ROUTINE! Even though i am one of those going to Clearwater, I do think that the grass is NOT always greener.

    I know $$ is always tough at certain times in our lives, but it ALL does work out - and it will for you too - in due time! Hang in there with that!

    And, ahem, get your ass in the pool. LOL


  7. Love that pic with the dogs!

    Hang in there - soon you'll be done!!