Tuesday, June 09, 2009

baltimore bound

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Baltimore for the annual American Physical Therapy Conference until Saturday night. I'm super stoked mainly because it means I won't be sitting on my butt 8 hours tomorrow in my neuromuscular class and because the University is paying for me to go. Not a bad deal right?

As part of something called the Pitt Marquette, we raise money via continuing education classes for chiropractors and physical therapists and donate it to PT research. For example, some of the classes we did this year were a vestibular course, cardiopulmonary course, and cervical manipulation course. This year we will be receiving an award at the conference: "Biggest Stretch School" or whatever that means... I'm also trying to utilize this opportunity as a networking tool for my future move to New Orleans. Gotta think ahead right?

Although I lived in Bethesda and DC for awhile, I can't say I've ever really "been" to Baltimore. Should be fun regardless as I'm going with 6 other PT gals. ROAD TRIP :) Either way our hotel has a pool and a gym ~ therefore Heidi will be happy.

We have finals next week so hopefully I will find some time to squeeze in studying. In other news, I dropped the pink hotness off today for my late pre-season tune up since I'm finally riding again. I miss "her" already. How sad is that? It's like one of those things...you know you are a triathlete when... you MISS your bike... (especially when you haven't been able to ride it for 4 months!)

Anyway enough triathlete craziness- Have a good night everyone and GO PENS!!!!!


  1. Hey - missing your bike is TOTALLY normal! :)

    Enjoy Baltimore - the waterfront area is BEAUTIFUL. I've been to the aquarium and really enjoyed it... if you've got time, you should check it out!

    Have FUN!

  2. That is so fun! Have a great time and enjoy the networking. I definitely miss my bike when it's away.. really I do. It's like "what if I would want to ride...I CAN"T!" It gets me all worked up! Drive safe & Go PENS!