Thursday, March 26, 2009

staples gotta go!

The staples are coming out tomorrow! I cannot wait. It's probably something super silly to be excited about but the staples are super itchy and pulling. I also get to stop taking my Lovenox shots (blood thinners)! Yes that is right I have to give myself two shots a day in the belly. My entire stomach is covered in black and blue marks from the self administered torture. I have small break downs every time I have to give myself a shot. Watching you stick your own body with a needle is a little crazy to me. Last night I totally lost it. Luckily Scott came to my rescue. Only two more shots.....

I'm super stoked to go to the doctor and find out my specific time line. While in the hospital, I felt like nobody necessarily provided any hard core time line or schedule for my recovery. It all seemed super subjective. And besides I was all doped up on drugs the whole time..... How am I supposed to remember it all? I'm the type of person that likes to have a set schedule. I need a time line to give me hope of when I can return to my love of swimming, biking, and running.

I'm feeling better like I posted previously and have figured out how to get around with one crutch. Being on crutches makes it nearly impossible to do anything that requires your hands: like making dinner, carrying a book, or even taking and getting into the shower. The one crutch method at least gives me a hand to use. I'm probably pushing it more than I should be which is supposedly touch down weight bearing. But it doesn't hurt then why not? I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I'm so anxious to start doing something. I feel like now all I do is study and that I need to pick up a new hobby for three months. This is the first time in my life I've not been able to workout or train for an extended period. Maybe I'll start reading more books or maybe blogging more? I don't know but I am open to suggestions.

Hopefully tomorrow goes well :) Good luck to anyone that is racing this weekend in the Just a Short Run Half : )


  1. Thanks for the update! After my accident I was on bed rest for a while (b/c of really bad sacral nerve damage and swelling and yucky stuff like that), but then had to walk with a walker for a week or so. After a while I was so annoyed that I STOPPED using the walker, and just walked really really (REALLY) slow. Stupidly slow - but I refused to use the walker. I have no doubt that you'll be off the crutch in no time.

    I was the same with the timeline - I lived for that! I would count down the days and then weeks based on when I could potentially swim-bike-run. The hard part is not knowing how your body will heal or how long it will take. The first 6 weeks were really important, just because (in my case) the bone was healing and hadn't yet fused together. The 8, and then 12 week mark were other milestones.... I was told that I wouldn't run for 6 months, but I made it 12 weeks instead...

    The biggest thing I would recomend is to be super kind, gentle, and understanding if on some days you don't feel like doing anything. I was so focused on getting through the physical part of the recovery that I didn't deal with some of the emotional trauma from my make sure that you're taking care of your spirit.

    Also... (sorry - this is getting long), you mentioned your hubby is in flight school...? Nate was in HT-28 and graduated back in August or September last year... the HT squadrons were REALLY great about letting him take care of me (even though I lived in P-cola) - I was extremely limited.... "Thumper" was the best CO...hopefully he's in that one!

    As for stuff to do - studying will only get you so far. Definitely keep up with that - but I would do puzzles and then lots of recreational reading. I'm picky about books - but I loved Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End"... I also re-read the entire Harry Potter series...

    Hang in there! Celebrate the little things that happen every day! PHENOMINAL that you're getting the staples out! WOO-HOO!!! That's huge!

    Oh yeah - one of the first things that I was able to do was PT in the pool - practicing walking from one side of the pool to the other... I would wear a shortjohn wetsuit to stay warm... but the little bit of physical activity really helped a lot.

    Email me if you have any other questions... I would be more than happy to help in any way I can!

    You're doing great! Keep up with it!!!

  2. That's great news about the staples Heidi! I will be anxious to hear what they tell you about the rest. I am sure the road to recovery won't be easy, but you are very strong willed and have a great attitude so you will be just fine. I'm thinking of you and would love to see you to give you a hug! Let me know your schedule!