Friday, September 28, 2012

Esperanza's First AG Win

Esperanza, my new QR recently earned me an AG win in Sandestin Fl. With absolutely no taper and training through this one, I had no idea what would happen. Either way it went something like this: (abbreviated version because I'm late)

Swim(1/2mile)-We were the first heat and my coach said go out HARD (like your hardest 100 interval hard). It felt weird but I said ok! And it SOOO worked as I was the 2nd lady out of the water and 3rd out of my heat of 30-34 somethins. Felt crazy beating all of the boys! Definitely -literally swimming in uncharted territory. Final time 14:44 (almost 2 min improvement from last year)

Bike (20 miles)-Minus some Garmin mount problems where I sacrificed time over losing my Garmin Edge 500, Esperanza's first ride was like a dream on the smooth Florida roads. Time 52:51 (20 sec faster than last year and 22.7 mph ave)

Run (4miles)-This was so-so. I averaged around 7s and thought I could have gone a little harder.  Training fatigue definitely set in. With my current training volume, it was over before I knew it.Time 28:15. (2 min faster than last year and 7:03 pace). 

Immediately post race, I changed my shorts and threw on some socks. My training day was not over! Post race I went out and did another 5 miles in the heat. First time I have ever had to do train literally straight through a race. Definitely not the most fun thing but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. And obviously my improvements from last year are already showing me that my hard work is paying off (and my coach rocks!)

After my sluggish 5 miler, I cleaned up and hit up the beach Rev3 shimmer styleChloe and I scored some well deserved frosty beverages. I was definitely done after one margarita.

The next day I was supposed to do another 4-5 hr ride. With a 140.6 on the horizon, I thought it would be smart to hit up the IMFL course with Chloe. Despite looming rain and t-storms we tried to make it happen. About 90 min in the ride with torrential downpours we called it. Way too dangerous to be riding during this stuff.... Sorry Coach.

Another fun weekend with one of my bestie triathletes and of course a great way to celebrate my 7th anniversary! (Thank you Scott for allowing me to celebrate my wedding anniversary triathlon style)!


  1. Love it! You are better then me - I have not even posted this race report :) Can't wait to see you in November!