Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i heart POM

A few weeks ago I was contacted by POM juice to see if I was interested in receiving some free samples? Free samples? Ummmm hello yes! I am a grad student... I will take anything that is free. Especially free and edible! I guess they found my blog and were trying to get the message out about their product. I thought I would get a small sample bottle in the mail. Nope! I was shocked last week when I revived all of these guys on my doorstep:I love their product although it is pricey. Definitely worth it though! I usually split it in half with water because it's so potent. But along with the juice, here are some of the health benefits (some I was definitely not aware of):

Listen up gentleman!
-After 2 years of drinking POM juice, men with prostate cancer had a decline in the cancer marker in the blood
-After a short month of drinking POM juice daily, men with erectile dysfunction had a 50% decrease in incidence (gotta keep your lovely ladies happy!)

Healthy Hearts for us all!
-A 30% decrease of plaque was seen among elderly patients with advanced atherosclerosis who drank POM once daily for a year.
-100% pomegranate juice inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) by 36% after two weeks of daily consumption.

While I have not reviewed or investigated the validity of these research studies, I thought I would pass these interesting facts along. Drink up!

In other news, Scott is coming to Pittsburgh tomorrow! He hasn't been here since I broke my pelvis in March. It has always been tough for him to escape the reigns of the military. Luckily he managed to take "house hunting leave" to come see his wife! Should be a fun filled weekend in the burgh :)


  1. Love your new bead covered bike, that baby rocks out. We won't expect to hear from you this weekend;)

  2. Glad you got all POM'ed up! I don't think I'm going to be around this weekend - sorry lady! Would have loved to do that. Maybe next weekend - I don't leave until the 12th! Sounds fun! Enjoy your time with the hubby!

  3. I see that stuff in the grocery store all the time but I've never bought it. Might have to try...

    Have a great weekend with your husband!! :)

  4. Here's another awesome review for that stuff http://meyrickjones.blogspot.com/2009/10/pom-wonderful-review.html (another Vancouver blogger).
    I'm jealous you guys got the goods!

  5. That stuff is not cheap. Super SCORE!