Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I finally made it to Florida with the pink hotness and my mini-weiner Flex. It was a long, painful drive but I'm so glad I'm here. I made a stop in northern Alabama to visit my aunt Monday and finished the rest of the drive yesterday. Driving is torturous....My legs definitely were not too happy with me after doing that tri the day before. 

But I am home sweeet home and glad to be back with my hubby. I can't complain tho. I've NEVER in my life had a three week break! The next three weeks are going to include lots of swimming, biking, and running. And can't forget the beach and spending time with Scott :) Here are some pics from my gorgeous ride this am :

Sunday's Race report to come.......


  1. Welcome back to the Sunshine State! Not sure how the beachs are over in Pcola - but they have been flat and perfect over in my neck of the woods!! Enjoy your stay!!

  2. oops I am behind. Ha! Hope your race was super duper :)