Thursday, April 30, 2009

new orleans?

So I found out yesterday that Scott's (my hubby) next job is in new orleans. I'm still a little shocked as it ranked number 15 on his list of places to go.  I don't really know what to think..... It could have been detroit or worse north bend, oregon. Our entire top 4 selections weren't even taking new pilots.  But new orleans? Where did that come from?

Hmmm guess that means we are stuck on the ol gulf coast for another 4 years. When I think new Orleans I think mardi GRAS and smelly, dirty city next to swamp lands. At least that is all i remember from my one and only visit in college....

There's got to be more right? After all it is a city not like --north bend where the nearest walmart is 2 hours away and the nearest city is 4 hours away...

But I'm trying to think positve... There are some good things :

1 new Orleans is warm :)
2 we will still be ok the east coast close to our families
3 everyone who wants to celebrate mardi gras has a place to stay for the next 4 years
4 they have their own 70.3!
5 I should be able to do my clinical physical therapy work there ( My clinical director would not have liked hawaii)
6 beads anyone???
7 I hear the crawfish are good LOL
8 They don't get snow (although i will miss snowboarding)
9 Scott only has to drive 4 hours to move
10 bourbon street?

Guess we shall find out soon enough!


  1. AND you'll be 5 hours from the best beaches ever! (where I live!) :)

  2. Sometimes its just a roll of the dice. Nathaniel was explaining to me that Coast Guard stations are weird - small outposts sometimes in very random places. Like you said - the top 4 picks didn't have any slots available. But New Orleans will be good - its a new adventure, a new place, and a spot that you may have never experienced before... So yeah!

    Nathaniel said to mention that - Ray Nagin isn't "that bad" (gulp). Do they even have term limits down there?

    Good luck with the move!