Monday, May 09, 2011

A Girly Girl's Guide to Triathlon Training

I'm typically the type of girl who always wears make-up, has to have my hair cut exactly every 8 weeks, and cares how cute and what color my workout clothes are. Call me superficial but we all have our vices.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sweating and getting dirty. And I'm definitely not the one applying lipstick in T2 just for my Ironman finisher photo.... I just like to clean up quickly and want to look presentable when I'm NOT swimming, biking, and running.

To help out all of my fellow girly-girl triathletes out there~ below are my top 20 tips on how to survive serious triathlon training while maintaining a presentable appearance.

1. Wet your hair before swimming and soak it up with conditioner. Especially if you are swimming in chlorine.... Your hair will absorb the water and conditioner before it absorbs the green nasty stuff. It will also prevent the post swim rats nest.

2. Consider investing in a swimming specific shampoo.

3. Always wear sandals at the pool. No foot fungus here.

4. For running and biking on hot, humid days try braids. I get a killer rats nest if I don't.
(And braids and pigtails make you FASTER!)

5. Try these hair things for the braids....

They will prevent THIS:

6. Do NOT wash your hair EVERY day if you can avoid it. Your stylist will scold you big time. Think of all the damage you are already doing from chlorine and sun. Try baby power at your roots or a Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo.

7. Assemble a beauty essential bag. Some things you may want to add: shampoo, conditioner, comb, color tinted chap stick, mascara, deodorant, baby-wipes, face wipes, mini body spray, and maybe a compact. Pictured below is mine minus the shampoo and conditioner...

8.Try to upkeep your pedicures. If you don't~ your feet will get that much worse. And maybe wait until after race day because it will get messed up.

9. Always keep some kind of workout clothes in your car. You never know when you might get some extra time to squeeze that workout in.

10. Do exfoliate your skin. Think of the dead skin and sweat and the build up. Gross.

11. Sunscreen is a must for protection and to avoid ugly tan lines. Those lines will not look cute in you summer dresses.

12. Always shower after races if you can and make sure you bring your beauty essentials bag. If there is no shower option, use your baby wipes. You have to look good on the PODIUM!

13. De-tangler is a must.

14. Use some kind of lube to prevent chaffing. Your boyfriend/spouse/or whomever does NOT want to see your saddle stores. Bleaugh...(they might think you have an STD).

15. On the go and don't have time to blow-dry? Try gel and scrunching for the beachy look.

16. Replace sports bras yearly or when worn out. Don't neglect the girls! Nobody wants to tuck those babies in your belt someday.

17. If you wear a heart rate monitor a lot consider using some body glide under your sports bra line. You would be amazed at how easily that thing can chaff.

18. Moisturize after your pool time...

19. Try tinted Burt's Bee's chap stick/shimmer. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

20. And my FAVORITE: add pink to anything and be instantly girl-i-fied.

Just because we like to swim, bike, and run a lot doesn't mean we shouldn't look cute!
Good luck my girly girls :)


  1. Finally it's posted!! I'm the same way girl!! Dry shampoo, glide and pedis are a must. Now you got me motivated for MissFancyPants Closet!!

  2. i love this! I have a hot pink and black tri bike and pink pedals, shoes, race belt.

    I like your style, lady :) I'll rock the pink and run faster then the boys!

  3. Love it. I wash my hair after I swim. So 1-2 times a week. Oops. Guess it should be more.

    Laughed at your lipstick in t2 comment. My first IM I lost a contact on the bike, but I was prepared with a spare in my T2 bag (it had happened before). I ran into T2 asking for a mirror and all the volunteers kept telling me they didn't have one, but I looked great! I think they thought I was nuts!

  4. Oh and I've tried all the swim specific shampoos out there. Nothing is better than the regular shampoo stuff by Chaz Dean. pricey, but awesome. And wet your hair down before you swim. Really drench it. Makes so much difference.

  5. Oh, Heidi, tell me I did NOT just find this on the interwebs.

    How were we not made aware of this blog earlier? What else are you hiding from us?

  6. So I probably shouldn't be washing my hair twice a day then? Ugh...I'm surprised I have any hair left!!

  7. Fun post. Do people really apply lipstick in T2?

  8. Thanks for the excellent post! I picked up a lot of great tips!

  9. Oh Trey wouldn't you like to know? I kept it secret so I could talk smack about the team without people finding not really-they usually do find out. oopps....

  10. I'm not a total girly girl, but I thought your tips were great! I am definitely trying the braid thing this year!

  11. I'm a total girly girl....... pink=automatic cuteness :)

  12. Too funny! Seriously, I've taken more time trying to pick out my race attire for IMTX than it took me to pick out my wedding dress. No lipstick application plans in T2, but darnit, I plan on keeping that pic for freakin' ever! Better make it a good one! :)

  13. This is a fantastic post! :) You gotta look good to perform well! :)

  14. love this post! and LOVE the burts bees shimmer...i think i have 8 sticks around the house...

  15. Yikes. With all the hair upkeep, I'm surprised more tri girls don't rock super short hair.

    Way too complicated for me.

  16. this is an awesome post!!!!! i had no idea i should be wetting my hair before getting in the pool. maybe bc i dont swim all that often is why i dont see my blonde locks turn green... yet! i will definitely use that tip! and... i wish i could braid my hair - it's so thin and doesnt like to stay in braids. stupid hair.

  17. I was scouting the world wide web for triathlon training blogs and yours caught my attention. Anyway, what a great list. Are you keeping any sort of cumulative mileage list? It might be fun to see what you rack up in total training miles.

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  20. Finally, a triathlon girl with girly needs just like me! Hello, can't wait to read more :)

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